Finally, Om Swami is kicked out of the house and all Bigg Boss fans can rejoice. Over the last few weeks, Om Swami has indulged in extremely bad and unworthy activities in the controversial Bigg Boss home. He used to have a fight or two with the contestants, but even then the contestants used to talk to him because they used to think he is a high level person and they should all respect him.

But in the recent captaincy task when he was playing against Bani, all the housemates supported Bani and none of them supported Swami Om. And that made him angry like anything. And he did one of the most disgusting acts of Bigg Boss's story. He took his urine and threw Bani and Rohan. This irritated all Bigg Boss contestants like anything and they all locked Om Swami inside the house jail. He kept shouting and showing that he was not wrong, but no one listened.

And finally Bigg Boss expelled him from the program. Bigg Boss said the recent act of Swami Om is intolerable and beyond what he reimbursed and therefore needs to leave the show immediately.

And right now a video is becoming viral on all social networking sites. The video shows Om Swami being pulled close to a car. He is surrounded by a group of men dragging him to the car. And he reaches the car that hits everyone and screams that people are kidnapping him.

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Even the host of the Salman Khan show that just completed the filming of the Weekend Ka Vaar episode is extremely angry with this whole act.

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