To promote his upcoming film movie star these days Bigg Boss arrives in the series, Bollywood King Khan to promote his upcoming film The Big Boss house rushed aristocrat. Khan was released not only with the young family spent some time Blki them special episode of the show during the weekend special style-wise given task.

SRK on the sets of Bigg Boss share the stage with the show's host Salman Khan will see a reminder of the previous Star Screen Award Bollywood actor Salman Sultan, who shares the stage with.

This special episode of the show will be on air this episode tonight as a member of Big Boss Manveer Gujjar Khan appear to have a special task in which the eggs on the kitchen Manveer Bani took the tray to take it away from the public eye.

Bani love eggs are known to hide the eggs in such a way Manveer Manveer somewhere and then there might be a fight between Bani.

Both Khan in Bollywood Karan -arjun pair worked together quite like the viewer had Kdrshk Bollywood screening with both Khan waited long enough. Fans waiting finally came to an end.

During the weekend attack on Shahrukh Manveer Task phone calls about it but first Manveer not recognize the voice of Shah Rukh discovers Manveer Shah was released shortly after the task they have been delighted to hear the voice of Shah Rukh Manveer do not.

Let me tell you the big boss of the homeless have been recent Kantestent Monalisa, however Manveer Gujjar is seen as a strong contender for the winner of Big Boss. Members of the House of Rohan Mehra was released shortly before the big boss had nominations for the season. Big Boss was released in recent sentence Rohan eliminated.

Shah Rukh's film attached to a nobleman and tell you one thing about Shah Rukh's Pakistani actress Mahira Khan's rich are getting released on the 25th of the same month.

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