Bigg Boss 10 has witnessed the most controversial competitor of all time. Or let's say, the most controversial contender in Bigg Boss's story. He has been evicted again and again from the show and taken away by the police. But finally, he was evicted for the last time and that was due to one of his atrocious acts inside the house. Om Swami is the new king of controversies since man has gained prominence. From throwing his pee in Bani and Rohan to slamming Salman Khan over and over again, Om Swami has done it all. Taking Om Swami's records into account, every action of yours no longer comes as a surprise to the public.

Despite being disrespectedly expelled and with the help of security guards, Om Swami has not spared a single second in hitting Salman Khan and the creators of Bigg Boss in every interview he could give. In an interview in which he was accompanied by Priyanka Jagga Muise, his so-called 'Beti', poured water on the face of the reporter. Shocking and strange, is not it?

What exactly happened was that the anchor of the show was doing its duty and questioning Om Swami about his misdeeds within the program. He also went on to ask about the act of throwing pee on other contestants and misbehaving with him. This made Om Swami so furious that he decided to demonstrate the act by using a mannequin instead! He bent down suddenly, picked up the glass of water that was stored there and poured water on the face of the anchor.

Well, it is not the first time that Babaji has provoked controversy on a television channel, as before before also taking part in Bigg Boss 10, which hit an astrologer during an interview and the video of his bad behavior became viral.

Do not you think that Babaji crossed all limits this time, since a disgusting act during a live interview is not entirely acceptable?

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