Bigg Boss 10 contender Mona Lisa married her boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot inside the house who caught her eyes. Vikrant entered the Bigg Boss home yesterday where he proposed to Mona Lisa for the marriage and she accepted it easily. I was on cloud nine when I saw Vikrant.

Mona's mother also entered the house with the traditional Bengali wedding, including shaakar pola (bracelets) and sindoor for the long-awaited wedding of superstar Bhojpuri. Former Bigg Boss contestant and Bhojpuri actors Dinesh Lal aka Nirahua next to Amrapali, and Vikrant's sister joined the wedding ceremony.

In the Bigg Boss house, Panditji made a puja, followed by pheras, saath vachan, sindoor daan and varmala ceremony between Mona and Vikrant. While Mona's mother performed her kanyadaan, and Vikrant's sister did ganthbandhan. After the wedding Mona also prepared the first bhog for her husband Vikrant in order to feed her.

There was also a reception hosted by the wedding of Mona and Vikrant in the Bigg Boss house and was attended by the famous actor Bhojpuri Ravi Kishan. There were dancing performances by the housemates and the newly married couple half way joined the dance.

Wedding celebrations came to have a sweet ending when the happily married couple cut the wedding cake for guests and shower guests with good messages. Now the main point is that the wedding of the post Mona and Vikrant send to the secret room for their suhaag race.

Yes, Mona and Vikrant spent their first wedding night in the secret room of Bigg Boss's house. Do not worry about the cameras since the cameras are turned off at midnight after 12 at night, so the happy couple can enjoy their wedding night after the marriage in the dark.

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