In Bigg Boss Season 10, we have witnessed a lot of drama and moments of struggle inside the house. But what we had witnessed recently, was out of the box. Recently, it was Priyanka Jagga's birthday and to celebrate the occasion, a pool party was organized for the house-mates. Well, this pool party will literally hit you, as we have witnessed Manu-Manveer Bromance and Nitibhi-Mona Getting Intimate sequences.

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Here are the intimate photos of Bigg Boss Housemates at Pool Party:

The housemates began to play the truth and dared in the house. In which Manu Punjabi got a task to seduce Manveer Gurjar. Well, at first Manu was not ready for it, but still he took on this challenge. What we have seen later was as shocking as this picture. Manu grabbed Manveer in his hands and began his bromance drama.

Well, in this picture, you can clearly see the type of bromance you are making. As if, Manu Punjabi is master in this art and it seems that really impressed Manveer in great way. On the other hand, the housemates encouraging them for what they are doing.

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