Choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant might be upset with the awards committee for nominating her 'dear friend' Salman Khan for Best Choreographer at a recent awards show.

Merchant, who is well known for his own caliber as an interpreter, as well as a talented dancer was nominated for Nashe Si Chadh Gayee. However, in the same category, even Salman was nominated for Jag Ghoomeya. If you remember, even this song has been choreographed by Vaibhavi.

But in an interview given during the time of Sultan's promotions, celebrated choreographer indicated how the famous hook step was Salman's idea. This may have resulted in the awards committee crediting the entire song to the superstar, leaving the smoker dancer. In fact, he took Twitter to share his anguish while tweeting, "Why do not you nominate me as Sultan's best actor if you cud nominate my dear Salman to the best choreographer Jag ghumeya .. @ filmfare"

According to DNA, he even left the event when Salman's name was announced during the nominations.

Well, this did not happen the first time. Since Filmfare Awards took place, a lot of questions from a lot of industry people have popped up, they call it unfair.


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