Participate in activities that make you feel better. For example, going to the movies, going to the theater, going for a walk in a park, taking a bike for a walk, making a surprise visit to a friend or relative, or anything else entertaining or having fun. Do not be overwhelmed the improvement in your mood will be gradual. Watching TV and doing housework are not included in this type of activities.


When you are depressed it is normal to be more passive, falling into a vicious circle of low self-esteem and inactivity, poor self-image, feeling of indifference and rejection. Breaking that circle costs an effort. Set priorities and do as much as you can. The important thing is to start, and take advantage of the support of other people, going for a walk in company is a good start. Start now, do not delay it any longer. Increasing physical activity of any kind will bring you psychological benefits.

New interests and activities

Find a hobby that makes you feel fulfilled, something that you are passionate about. Some hobbies are: collections, DIY, crafts, decoration, and of course sports, dancing ...

Avoid talking only about depression

It is one thing to vent and another that becomes a recurring theme, it is better to be distracted from sadness. Talk about other more positive topics: funny anecdotes, weather, sports or news.

Social circle

Support your close friends, people you can trust, listen to, and be entertaining. People like this represent a protective factor against depression, and against the distorted thought that accompanies it.


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