Salman has consented to Brother Arbaz Khan for Dabangg 3. Arbaz faces the challenge of writing a new story. Sources say Salman has agreed two issues. The "dominant" protagonists to travel before becoming inspector Chulbul Pandey is his interest in history.

The second marriage of the mother and the strict behavior of the father Prajapati Pandey Chualbual becomes police. Salman's idea connects a long time with prequel but they want very logical history.

The second idea is that what happens after "Dabangg-2"? After the death of Chhedi Singh in Lalganj, Uttar Pradesh, Chualbual ends Kanpur 'Baccha Bhaiya'. Third "Dabangg" will be directed by Arbaz But Salman's entry into the story.

He has given many inputs and wants to be an experienced scriptwriter in the same vein. Meanwhile, Ajay younger brother as Rohit Shetty told him to prepare "Singham -3". Rohit now in the shot Dilwale and then they will make new "Ram Lakhan" for Karan Johar.

Singham went to Goa to Shivgardh for the first film and for the sequel in Mumbai. Both stories had to face his Jaykant Sikare and Baba Sathyaraj Chander. The image of the police remained very honest. Rohit and his team have become to shape the story "Singham -3".

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